Quality Assurance

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Machined and finished parts

At QE Manufacturing, we have a Quality Assurance Program that conforms to strict AS9100 Rev. D and ISO9001:2015 Systems.

We have engineering, manufacturing and quality assurance reviews on customers new parts. We take your designs and provide competitive cost manufacturing for on-time deliverability and quality products.

Our operators are trained in statistical process controls, AQP improvements and use the latest equipment along with procedures and work instructions. We have high-tech equipment and the latest inspection equipment to ensure a quality product.

QE Manufacturing stands behind our products and continuously strive to improve our processes and capabilities by investing in equipment, enhanced personnel training, and continuous improvement programs such as six-sigma, lean manufacturing with a zero defect philosophy.

Inspection Equipment

  • Mitutoyo CMM Model 7106
    X-Axis 27.75"
    Y-Axis 39.56"
    Z-Axis 23.81"
  • MPC-5-Deltronic Comparator
  • 2 SPI Optical Products Microscopes Magnification
  • 6.5x – 45x
  • Scherr-Tumico Comparators 14" Digital Read Out
  • GAGEtrak Calibration Management Software
  • Outside Micrometers 1" to 12"
  • Inside Micrometers 1" to 12"
  • Brown & Sharp Height Gauge
  • Cadillac Height Gauge
  • Dial Indicators
  • Hole Plug Gauges by .001 to 2"
  • Vernier Calipers
  • Telescope Gauge
  • Thread Ring Gauges
  • Thread Plug Gauges
  • Wires for Checking Threads
  • Surface Plates
  • Angle Plates
  • V-Blocks
  • Surface Gauges
  • Sunnen I.D. Gauges
  • Indicator Micrometers 1" to 3"
  • RAMS Rockford Hardness Tester
  • Clevite Profilemeter
  • Working Gauge Blocks
  • Master Certified Gauge Blocks
  • Blade Micrometers
  • Flange Micrometers
  • Digital Height Gauge 24" Cap
  • Sine Plate
  • Ring Setting Gauges
  • Fischerscope Multi 650/750C- Plating
  • Thickness Tester
  • Digital Thread Micrometers
  • End Measuring Rod's 6" – 62"
  • Bench Centers